As a moral responsibility to only serve knives to customers over the age of 18 and to comply with the revised Offensive Weapons Act 2019 regulations, some of our products are subject to the AgeChecked Verification Service, whereby your ID is verified at the checkout. On this website, this applies to the Ken Hom Woks Cleaver. These customer checks are a legal obligation and are essential to ensure end-to-end safety for all.

More information on this can be found here on the Government website.

How AgeChecked works

To achieve this we use software provided by Once you reach check-out stage, you will be passed through the automatic checks which verify your age is over 18.

How does AgeChecked know I am over 18 or not?

AgeChecked have access to various government databases including the electoral roll in order to ensure that the addressee matches the name they are ordering from. As such, the addressee is the only person who can receive the parcel.

What if I don't pass the check?

On the rare occasion a check cannot be completed automatically, your order details will be passed to a member of our customer service team who will be in touch to send a manual Agechecked link where the process can be repeated to release your order. These links will be sent via both e-mail and text and you will be notified at the time. If further checks are needed, you may be asked to send in an image holding a passport or driving licence in order to have your age verified.

Is it safe?

AgeChecked operate a highly secure system. Their technology is based on the British Standard code of practice PAS:1296 and they do not hold any customer personal details at all to complete this process. The information is simply used to complete the check and not recorded.

Does It affect deliveries?

Order(s) will only be despatched once the AgeChecked process has been completed. For an additional level of check, we also operate a policy of age check deliveries. This is where our delivery partner Royal Mail, will perform a visual check on the person using the Challenge 25 policy, to ensure the person receiving the parcel matches the name on the order, and is over the age of 18. If the delivery driver feels the person receiving the parcel may be below this age they will ask to see some ID for proof of age. Unfortunately, delivery will be aborted if the parcel cannot be delivered due to the doorstep check. It is therefore not applicable to be left in a safe place nor be delivered to a PO box address.

If you would like the item sent to a business address, instead of your home address, the addressee needs to be present to sign for the order, and the parcel cannot be delivered on the addressee's behalf.

Again, we are required by law to do this and we apologise if this may seam a little invasive or cause any inconvenience. 

Can I have a bladed item sent as a gift?

As long as the person buying the item is over 18 and the person receiving the item is over 18 and present to receive the parcel at point of delivery, items can be sent as gifts.

I live outside of the UK. Why can I not pass the checks?

AgeChecked only have access to customer information in the UK, so your locale may not be covered.

Can I have the item sent to a hotel?

Unfortunately only the addressee can receive the parcel, and items cannot be left with a concierge whom the parcel is not addressed to.

Can I pick up the bladed item from your head office?

We do not offer the ability to be able to pick up any orders from our head office.

How much will the check cost me?

The AgeChecked service is free and will not be charged, however unfortunately we are unable to offer free delivery on bladed items. We use a secure Royal Mail Age Verification Service (instead of DPD, which we use for every other, non-bladed product on the Cole & Mason website) which we charge £4.95 for.  We regret that we are unable to waiver this postage charge in any circumstance.

If you have any further questions with regards to the AgeChecked process please feel free to contact us.