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Wok Sets

Our wok sets come with everything you need to create delicious Asian cuisine. Be inspired by our Ken Hom recipe book, whip up quick and easy stir-fries in our woks, and dish up your food with our serving utensils. Kickstart your cooking.

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Our Wok sets come in two, five and ten piece sets. Decide if you want the full experience or whether you’ll just need a few extras.

Our two-piece sets include the wok and lid. A perfectly-fitting lid for your wok will help you expand your Asian cooking repertoire with ease. Although a stir fry rarely requires a lid, many other recipes need you to cover and slowly simmer the ingredients to let the flavours develop.

Our five-piece sets include the lid, utensils and a Ken Hom recipe book. You’ll get wooden spatulas if you choose a non-stick wok, or a metal turner if you go for one of our traditional uncoated carbon steel woks. Stir, flip and separate food with ease.

For those who want to fully integrate Asian cooking styles into their kitchen, our ten-piece set includes all the above, along with a couple of extras. If you love crispy, delicate tempura, then the tempura rack will keep it warm while also letting excess oil drain off back into the pan. Cooking sticks - or extra-large chopsticks - are designed so you can easily and accurately move food around the wok. You’ll also get some of our high-quality wooden chopsticks in the wok set.

Stuck for ideas? The Ken Hom recipe book shows you that there’s so much more to wok cooking than stir fries. Get the most out of your new pan with some of Ken’s most-loved recipes.

Whichever set you go for, enjoy cooking fresh, healthy and authentic Asian food in our superior woks.

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