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SKU: KH506

Two Tier Bamboo Steamer

Sale price£30.00

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This Ken Hom Bamboo Steamer is perfect for recreating Chinese steamed recipes. The
Bamboo Steamer is 20cm/7¾” in diameter and features two tiers. It also comes complete with two recipes.

A traditional steamer made from natural bamboo that is ideal for cooking a wide array of ingredients in one of the healthiest ways possible as no oil or additional liquids are required. The two tiered design allows you to cook multiple ingredients at the same time all in the same wok.

Easy to Use

Simply fill a wok with boiling water until it almost reaches the level of the lower shelf, place the food in the steamer baskets on a plate or piece of greaseproof baking paper and pop the lid on. Check periodically to ensure the wok doesn't boil dry. Based on a traditional shape and design it is suitable for use with all Ken Hom woks but also works well with a number of other pans.

Exceptional Quality

The slatted base of each basket allows steam to penetrate and circulate through to the very top of the steamer, ensuring all the food cooks perfectly with minimal loss of nutrients. The stackable design means you can cook different ingredients at different times without taking up extra rings on the hob. Simply fill the bottom tier with ingredients that will take longer to cook and when ready, add quicker cooking ingredients to the top tier.

Multi-functional design

With a diameter of 20cm it also is the perfect size for cooking a complete meal for 4 people. The multi-functional design also makes it ideal for use at the dinner table to serve up a delicious and nutritious dinner. The lid is easy to remove when it use with a loop handle positioned on the top. Simply lift up to check if food is ready to serve.

Two Tier Bamboo Steamer
Two Tier Bamboo Steamer Sale price£30.00