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SKU: KH511

Stainless Steel Cleaver 18cm

Sale price£25.00

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The Ken Hom Cleaver is the perfect knife for preparing meat. Great to use for chopping, slicing, dicing, and mincing, this is cleaver is exceptionally durable and can sustain use every day. Slice through tough pieces of meat or bone, this cleaver features a stone-finished handle and an ultra-sharp stainless steel blade.

The total length of the item, including the handle, is 32cm with an 18cm long blade. The height of the blade is 11cm. The blade itself is slightly tapered, no thicker than 3mm with an ultra-sharp stainless steel edge.

The weight of the cleaver is just over 350g.

"To Asian and Chinese cooks the cleaver is an all purpose cutting instrument that makes all other knives unnecessary. Once you start working with a cleaver, you will see how easy it is to use on all types of food to slice, dice, chop, fillet, shred or crush. It will quickly become your go-to prep tool in the kitchen no matter what dish you’re cooking!"

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Stainless Steel Cleaver 18cm
Stainless Steel Cleaver 18cm Sale price£25.00