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SKU: KH332003

Classic Carbon Steel Induction Safe Seasoning Wok 32cm

Sale price£30.00

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With a 32cm diameter, this induction hob safe wok has an ideal capacity for cooking for 3-4 people. It's design allows you to start cooking almost immediately and the natural, effective non-stick surface called patina will develop through use. This wok has a 5 year guarantee and is hand wash only. Not induction safe.


  • 32 x 32 x 32 cm
  • Wok base diameter: 16cm
  • Weight: 1.3kg

Suitable for induction hobs.

1.4 mm gauge / Designed for stir-frying at high temperatures.

A lightweight 1.4 mm gauge carbon steel wok finished with a two layer non-stick coating designed for stir-frying at high temperatures.

Beautifully Crafted Wooden Handle

The beautifully crafted wooden handle is secured via three rivets to ensure you always have a sturdy handle that won't come loose. Finished with a hanging loop for easy storage.

Flat base / Suitable for cooking on all hob types

The flat base ensures the wok is well-balanced so doesn't topple over when sat on the hob.

Natural Patina Non-Stick

The natural, effective non-stick surface called patina will develop through use of this traditional Chinese seasoning wok. When ready to start cooking, place the wok centrally over the hob ring, add oil and heat on a medium high setting. Once the oil starts smoking you're ready to start cooking.

Ken Hom Woks Classic Wok 32cm
Classic Carbon Steel Induction Safe Seasoning Wok 32cm Sale price£30.00